YMCA Releases New Wellness Program

YMCA Content Management System The YMCA in Richmond, VA is taking employee wellness to another level.  Together with their insurance provider and IDD, Inc., we built a tiered reward system, tailored to the wellness goals of the organization, developed to assist employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Participation and achievements are rewarded with an insurance rate reduction for employees and their families. The program is enhanced by the ability for employees to nominate each other for rewards, or send an e-card to recognize an accomplishment.
The Y-B-Well program is built in Intelligen, IDD's content management system (CMS), and works to store, track, and manipulate the employee's fitness data. The CMS holds a resource library packed with fitness facts and figures that are linked to the overall program design. The easy-to-use platform is intended to engage the employees, improve their overall health, increase productivity and reduce costs across the organization.
"We are incredibly excited about the program, and we truly believe in it," says Cynthia Lawrence, President of PerformanceLink Systems, Inc. and creator of Y-B-Well. Performance Link is an enterprise employee recognition software that is also built in IDD's CMS. 
The YMCA remains a leader in the community and has instituted Y-B-Well to further their commitment to social responsibility, healthy living, and youth development.
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