The Growth of Mobile Marketing

Is Your Marketing Plan Optimized for Mobile?

Mobile is set to surpass desktop use in three years. Is your marketing plan equipped with the right tools to tap into the mobile madness? IDD, Inc. can track the pattern that each customer took to reach a purchase, and what device they used to find you. Did a website visitor do their initial search on a desktop and then return to make the purchase from their mobile device? These people need to be marketed to differently. We have the ability to develop a deeper understanding of our buyer's daily routines. If you have a Pay-per-click Ad, Google has implemented Enhanced Campaigns that allow you to apply a different bid for the location, time, and device each impression receives. The goal of user experience marketing is to deliver the most appropriate message at the right time on the right device. There's too much buzz coming from every direction, so the most relevant and device-adapted message will win every time. It's our job to take another look at our campaigns to make sure we are optimized for mobile growth. Billions of people on a different device = billions of opportunities for relevancy.  

Check out the infographic for a complete look at mobile growth from Microsoft Tag.

Mobile Marketing

IDD, Inc. can optimize your website or custom app for mobile devices.
You work hard to craft that message, let us help you adapt it.

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